World Championships Entries


World Championship entries



All entries must be made online through the official website of the event at and must be made individually. 

Entries for official World Championships titles must be confirmed by each National Federation, using the SDP system from ICF : Link 

Anyone having issues accessing the system or with the entries should contact ICF HQ at 

To confirm the entries made in the official events , each National Federation must enter those boats in the SDP system, in the same category.  The lack of confirmation, may lead to the loss of the European tittle by that participant.

All other categories, there is no need for confirmation from National federations. 

Special rules applied to Juniors competing in under23 category:
-The first year an athlete can compete in international competition is the year of his/her  15th birthday.

-The last year that competitor can compete in the Junior category in the year of his/her  18th birthday.

-The last year that competitor can compete in the U23 category in the year of his/her 23rd birthday.

There is no limit of entries per country in any of the categories. 

Deadline for entries in the official website and SDP is 24th September 2024