European Championships 2024



Oficial Invitation


Welcome to all canoeist around Europe. Portugal and Azores Archipelago are thrilled to have you in April 2024 for the European Championships.

After one decade after our first Ocean Racing European Championships tn Portugal, we are hosting in 2024 a special event, bringing ocean racing international major event to Azores.

The Portuguese Canoe Federation, main organizer of this European championships, together with the Regional Association of Azores, promise you an unforgettable experience. Join us once again and lets make history together.






Dates and schedule
THE ECA Canoe Ocean Racing European Championships will take place in one of the three days window, between 12 to 14 of April.

If the conditions are similar the event day will happen on Saturday April 13 in the afternoon.

December 1st 2023 
Opening of the Online registrations 

April 2nd 2024
Closing of nominal entries 

Monday April 8th 2024 
Arrival of participants

Tuesday April 9th 2024 
Arrival of participants 
Accreditation office opens

Wednesday April 10th 2024
Arrival of participants
Official Training #1

Thursday April 11th 2024
Official Training #2
Opening Ceremony

Friday April 12th to Sunday April 14th
Competition Day { Window Period)
Official dinner & Prize Giving Ceremony
Closing ceremony





Classes and Categories

European Championships tittle categories

MSS-1 Men Open Surfski single
WSS-1 Women Open Surfski single
U23MSS-1 Under 23 Men Surfski single
U23WSS-1 Under 23 Women Surfski single
JMSS-1 Junior Men Surfski single
JWSS-1 Junior Women Surfski single
MSS-1 Men Master Surfski single
WSS-1 Women Master Surfski single
XSS-2 Mix Open Surfski double
XSS-2 Mix Under 23 Surfski double
XSS-2 Mix Junior Surfski double
XSS-2 Mix Master Surfski double

Non European Championships categories

MSS-2 Men Open Surfski double
WSS-2 Women Open Surfski double
MSS-2 Men Junior Surfski double
WSS-2 Women Junior Surfski double
MSS-2 Men Master Surfski double
WSS-2 Women Master Surfski double
OC-6 Open Mix
OC-1 Open


(For masters, Age group categories will commence from age group 35-39 and increase upwards in 5-year age brackets)
All categories will compete at the same time, with gap start times of 5 to 10 minutes between groups of different categories.

If there is any kind of limitation of boats, the organization may decide to divide the event in two days, keeping the official European Championships categories in one day and masters and other non-European tittles categories on the day before.




The Organizing Committee is headed by members of the Portuguese Canoe Federation and the Regional Association of Azores .
A special workforce inside Portuguese Canoe Federation was created to plan and organize this event.


Project Manager & Technical Organiser - Marcos Oliveira/Fabio Meneses
Technical & Project Support & Logistics - Juliana Dias/ Nuno Rico / Heloisa Nogueira
Finance - Nuno Tavares / Paulo Viceto
Human Resources & Volunteers - Andre Almeida/ Rita Olaio / Rita Trancoso
Accreditation & Protocol - Andreia Oliveira/ Sonia Corvelo/ Patricia Corvelo
Transportation & Accommodation - Andreia Oliveira / José Barros / Paulo Viceto
Media & Press —- Diogo Andrade

Competition committee
Race Director - Roberto Liberato
Competition Director - Fabio Meneses
Safety Officer - José Álamo



Course & Venue

The European Championships will take place between Praia da Vitoria and Angra do Heroismo in a downwind 25km course.
If the condition of the wind is opposite to the normal conditions, Plan B will be to start from Angra do Heroismo direction to Praia da Vitoria.
No other start or finish positions are planned.
Both Start and Finish are planned to be in shore, from sand and for both Plan A and B of the course.


All entries must be made online through the official website of the event at and must be made individually.
Entries for official European Championships titles must be confirmed by each National Federation, using the SDP system from ICF : Link /main.jsp 
Anyone having issues accessing the system or with the entries should contact ICF HQ at

To confirm the entries made in the official events , each National Federation must enter those boats in the SDP system, in the same category.
The lack of confirmation, may lead to the loss of the European tittle by that participant.

Special rules applied to Juniors competing in under23 category
A first year an athlete can compete in international competition is the year of his/her
15th birthday
The last year that competitor can compete in the Junior category in the year of his/her
18th birthday
The last year that competitor can compete in the U23 category in the year of his/her
23rd birthday
All other categories, there is no need for confirmation from National federations.
There is no limit of entries per country in any of the categories.
Deadline for entries in official website and SDP is April 2nd, 2024.






Participation Fee
Each participant must pay one participating fee of 120€ to compete at the European Championships
Included in the participating fee is:
Accreditation Card and access to competition areas
Race bag (water bottle, Water, race t-shirt, Boat sticker and Bib);
Security service at the venue.
Boat storage space and security
Medical assistance at the venue during the week of the event. (only 1st aid support)
Participation in the official trainings before the event
Boat transportation to the start area for the main event and official trainings
GPS tracker for the competition (to be returned after the race)
Free boat transportation from Oporto to Terceira Island and return. Limited spaces available.
Priority for first registrations

If the event is divided in two race days and the same athlete wants to compete in both days in two
different categories, there will be one extra fee of 25€
Dinner official

Accommodation packages
The organization will provide accommodation packs for those interested in simplifying the stay in
Terceira Island and give priority to stay very close to the Head Quarters of the Championships.
This reservation is independent of the participating fee and includes accommodation at one 5 start hotel just a couple of meters from the championship headquarters and still very close
to city centre, at very reasonable prices.
Booking can be done for stays of more than 2 nights.

PRICES per room
Single room : 80€ per night
Double/Twin Room : 100€ per night
Reservations can be done at
Subject to availability and confirmation by the local organization.

Prices above include B&B only.
OC is working one solutions for half board prices.





Boats transportation
The local transportation of the boats, from the Headquarters to the start area, will be provided free of charge and as included in the participation fee. This will be made by trailers independent
from the participants transportation.
More information will be provided in the days previous of the race day.
The transportation of the boats to Terceira Island needs to be done by water, using a specific and hired service between the continent (Portugal) and the island.
This service will be provided free of charge and included in the participating fee but with limited slots available. First come first served basis.
The Boats must be delivered at  the Portuguese canoe Federation, in Vila Nova de Gaia, untilMarch 15th and can be collected from Sunday April 7 at event headquarters.
Boats will be travelling inside containers and accommodated in racks to avoid any problems.
The Organization will insurance the transportation of all boats using this service.
The boats can be collected by each participant, after they are placed in the Headquarters boat racks area, never before.
The return of the boats will happen from the Headquarters. Each participant must place his/her boat in a specific area, to be announced a few days previous of the race day.
The transportation of the boats for the start area for training and actual championship race will be done by trailers.
All participants are requested to secure his/her boat in the trailers available in the evening before.

Boat Rental

Boat brands and manufactures will open rental services In the upcoming months for that wo prefer to use a rental boat to compete at the European Championships.
NELO, the official boat supplier for the European Championships will provide special prices for this event, including collection of the boat at the event headquarters.

Security during the Competition and training days
Life Jacket is mandatory in every session in the ocean.
Leash will be mandatory in case of information from the local organization and ITOs before each official session.
GPS tracker is mandatory for the Race day and it will be given at the ID control, at the start area, starting 2 hours from the race time.
During the competition it is also mandatory to wear the official BIB provided by the organization.
No Athlete can access the starting grid without this bib.

Anti Doping
The Canoe Ocean Racing European Championships will follow ECA/ICF rules and there will be conducted anti-doping tests during the competition. Those will be done in a specific room inside the headquarters.

Car Rental
The organization has a official car rental company partner.
Promotional code: ARCAZORES


All participants are kindly requested to contact the Portuguese Embassy or consulate regarding to visa Requirements.
When required the organizing committee will help the participant in matter of issuing the visas.
Please send your requests to