World Championships Entries open


From today you can now register for the ICF Canoe Ocean Racing World Championships 2024, taking place in madeira in October 2024.

Process is available at under the entry system menu. 
Direct link here

Process is divided in 3 steps.

First you must register into the event. Go to the athlete registration, fill out the form and submit. You will get one popup confirming the registration and one email with confirmation. At that moment a unique ID number is given to you. 

In the email you receive there will be the links for the payment of your fee. Different options are available. select the one it fits your participation level. Payments are made through, partner of the event. All taxes are already included in the fee amount. Payments are to be done by credit card.
Only when your payment is received we will confirm your entry.

In the second step you need to enter your boat into competition. 

Go to Boat registration and choose your category and put your ID number. System will recognize it and will fill your name. Also choose the option of boat transportation from Oporto to the island and back. 

At this stage, if you are submitting a SS2 you will need your ID and your Partner ID too.

If you plan to compete in SS1 and SS2( as there will be different race days) you need to do this process twice, one for each boat.

Please do not forget that your NF must make your entries into SDP system. more info in the official bulletin of the World Championships